開館90周年記念展 木々との対話―再生をめぐる5つの風景 | Dialogue with Trees ―Five Stories of Rebirth and Renewal | 2016.07.26 ― 10.02

開館90周年記念展 木々との対話―再生をめぐる5つの風景 | Dialogue with Trees ―Five Stories of Rebirth and Renewal | 2016.07.26 ― 10.02


The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, founded in Ueno Park in 1926, will hold the exhibition “Dialogue with Trees—Five Stories of Rebirth and Renewal” in marking its 90th anniversary this year. Through the work of five contemporary artists—KUNIYASU Takamasa, SUDA Yoshihiro, TAKUBO Kyoji, TSUCHIYA Yoshimasa, and FUNAKOSHI Katsura—the exhibition will introduce viewers to the expressive depth of artworks that employ wood as a medium.
As living entities, trees have been an integral part of human life since ancient times, and they are also a symbol of hope. This exhibition, held five years after the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami, will present a range of artworks under the theme, “Trees: rebirth and renewal.”
Kuniyasu, employing logs and ceramic blocks, creates large-scale installations that pulse with vitality, while Suda imparts new character to a space by installing minutely rendered sculptures of plants so real they are easily mistaken for the real thing. Takubo, who in past works applied gold flake to scrap wood, will this time undertake an outdoor installation centered on an aged gingko tree. Tsuchiya, meanwhile creates an illusionistic world by carving figures of animals and mythical beasts, and Funakoshi has pioneered new territory in sculpture with unusually shaped human figures, such as his portrait sculptures and “Sphinx Series” works. Through “five stories” by five artists, each one unique, the exhibition will allow visitors to experience the deeply mysterious symbolism enabled by wood as a medium.

  • 展覧会基本情報

  • 展覧会名

    Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum’s 90th Anniversary Exhibition
    Dialogue with Trees ―Five Stories of Rebirth and Renewal

  • 会期


  • 会場

    東京都美術館 ギャラリーA・B・C

  • 休室日

    月曜日 ※ただし、9月19日(月・祝)は開室

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  • 観覧料

    当日券 | 一般 800円 / 大学生・専門学校生 400円 / 65歳以上 500円

    団体券 | 一般 600円 ※団体割引の対象は20名以上





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    展覧会に関すること:東京都美術館 事業係 
    取材・広報等に関すること:東京都美術館 広報担当 

  • Information

  • Exhibition

    Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum’s 90th Anniversary Exhibition
    Dialogue with Trees ―Five Stories of Rebirth and Renewal

  • Period

    July 26 (Tue) – October 2 (Sun), 2016

  • Venue

    Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Gallery A, B, C

  • Closed

    Mondays (Open the Mondays of September 19)

  • Hours

    9:30 – 17:30 (Last admission 17:00)

  • Days of Extended Hours

    Fridays 9:30 – 20:00 (Last admission 19:30) ※Except for September 23 and 30 August 5(Fri), 6(Sat), 12(Fri), 13(Sat), September 9(Fri), 10(Sat) 9:30 – 21:00

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    Tickets at the door |
    General ¥800 / College students ¥400 / Seniors 65+ ¥500

    Group tickets |
    General ¥600 ※Group rates - 20 or more people

    *Admission free for visitors junior high school age or younger, *Admission free for visitors (and one accompanying person) with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate or Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Certificate. ※In each case, please show identification.

    ※A 300 yen discount on the general admission fare will be given to visitors holding a ticket (stub) to the concurrent exhibition, “Masterpieces from the Centre Pompidou: Timeline 1906-1977” (while the latter exhibition is in progress).

    ※On October 1 (Sat) everyone receives free admission.

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  • Organized by

    Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History)

  • Cooperation with

    Gallery Koyanagi, Nishimura Gallery, MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY, Implementation Committee for New Concept "Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture”, kisarazu nakaoizushima project

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